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We source and import a wide range of custom and aftermarket performance parts for Lexus 1UZ & 1UZFE V8 engines


Performance Car Modifications

Exhaust systems, turbo charging and intercooling, suspension, engine management systems and more. Talk to us for all your performance car modifications and special servicing options to keep your road beast performing at its best.

1uz-fe engine

V8 Conversions & Upgrades

We have expertise in 1-UZ \ 1-UZFE Lexus \ Toyota V8 engines, if you're looking to upgrade your existing 1UZ \ 1UZFE or would like a V8 conversion then talk to us.

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link ecu - Idle speed adjustment -aftermarket IAC - 1uz (20 March 2020)

1uz and 3uz 5 speed VVti shifter - how it works. (17 March 2020)

V8 Conversions / Upgrades & Performance Car Modifications
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