Premium Lube Service   
Why choose our premium service?

Because its better, some other garages will only change your oil and filter and charge you the same price.
Not at The Cartune Company, because we’re better than your average garage.

Free 30 point safety check included

Here is a full breakdown of what you get when you choose a premium service with us. All work is undertaken by one of our experienced technicians.
bullet Firstly, we will take your car for a test drive. During this time we will listen for any unusual noises, and check the operation of your brakes (including your handbrake), horn, wiper blades and window washers
bullet When we get back to the workshop we carry out a visual inspection of your engine, particularly checking that the engine mounts are secure and in good condition, looking for oil leaks, and checking the condition of your fan belts.

Then your car will go up on the hoist for all of  the following things.

We complete a visual check of brake pad thickness, brake shoe thickness and the condition of brake hoses. We also check for any signs of leakage. The level of brake fluid is checked, and the quality is tested using a meter.
We inspect the condition of manifolds, mounts, mufflers, pipes and tailpipe.
We check your shocks for signs of leakage, and inspect the condition of your sway bars, bushes and boots.
We test your tyre pressure then look for safe tread depth, and any signs of wear – including your spare.
All the rest 
While your car is up on the hoist we will carry out a visual check of your handbrake cables, CV boots and steering rack boots. The underside of your fuel tank is inspected, the level of your gearbox oil is measured and tested for quality, as well as checking your diff and transfer case oils. Where required we will lube your chassis.

When your vehicle is back on the ground, our technician does all the following

We complete a visual inspection – checking the general condition of your battery, battery fluid level, terminal condition and makes sure that the hold-down bracket is secure.
Clutch fluid
We check the level, and inspect  the quality using a meter.
Cooling system
We test the condition of the antifreeze and check the level. We inspect the condition of the radiator, hoses and radiator cap, and looks for any signs of leakage.
Fuel system
We check the condition of the fuel filter, and look for any signs of leakage.
We remove your dirty old oil filter, and replace it with a new one, then replace the oil.
Power steering
We check the condition and level of fluid, inspect the power steer pump, hoses and belt, and look for any signs of leakage.
All the rest
We check the condition of your air filter and the tools in your car, top up your washer fluid, lube your door hinges and check your stop lights. Finally we  take your car for another test drive to ensure it is running smoothly.

If we find anything requiring additional work during this time, we tell you and give you appropriate options