Lube Services

All-over vehicle check

including oil change, oil filter, diff/transaxle, clutch fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, window washers, battery, cooling system, air filter, wiper blades, tyre pressure, fuel filter, door hinges, fan belts.




Premium Lube Service 
Everything included in the standard lube service above plus a few additional checks.

Why choose our premium lube service ?


Free 30 point safety check included

         Fuel Injection & Tuning

Full diagnostic check, plugs/points as required, carburettor/dwell and timing as required, tappet adjustments as required.

4 cylinder 6 cylinder 8 cylinder




EFI Service
Remove water and other contaminants from: fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel pipe
fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator.

Clean injectors, resetting of mixture and full report on fuel system condition.
4 cylinder 6 cylinder 8 cylinder




* Fuel filters additional,
cost varies between vehicles

Diesel Injection Service  
Remove water and other contaminants from: fuel tank injectors, fuel pipe injector pump
All diesel engines


* Fuel filters additional
cost varies between vehicles

         Other Services

Drain and flush brake fluid system, replace with new brake fluid, bleed system.



Cooling System Service
Drain and flush system and replace with new coolant.